Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Thesis Work

Here is some more stuff from my thesis film.

Just did a test render of a hallway scene so here is that (the motionless norman is just a stand in. The final film will be shot with a live action actor for my main character)

youtube clip

Here are some character model sheets!

(robot is in the final stages of being rigged. Just trying to work out a few complicated problems. And the soldier is on stand by for being textured and have detail added in Zbrush)

Here are jsut a few screenshots of other sets im working on

Apartment: I need to finish tearing some more wallpaper, and modeling and texturing for a few more pieces of furniture

City Street: I need to finish modeling and texturing buildings to line the street, and the current BG is just a temp bg, something I found off google.

Feel free to leave any comments!!
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  1. Hey, super cool stuff Spencer! I love all the details you put into the sets. Nice work!

  2. this is looking really coooool!

    i like the harsh late afternoony lighting.

    something that might enhance the sense of depth in the big wide city shots would be some nice dust/smoke/haze thickening up as the street/buildings fall into the background... just a thought... i just really like adding smoke to everything... :D

  3. nice stuff, you know what you have to do next, ZOMBIES!

  4. Man that stuff looks super rad.