Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sketchy Sunday 8

Well it started off as a sketch and now it's a work in progress, so hold off on the critiques. I think we can retire Sketchy Sunday now. We got updates from different artist. What do you guys say yay or nay?


  1. Wow, really nice work Matt. I love how simple and graphic she is. I was gonna whip out something real quick today but now I gotta step it up!

  2. While this is still a WIP, before you finish it off, I want to suggest pushing it either more graphic or more form based. Right now it's in a weird middle ground where it feels rotoscoped.

    Ex: I can see all the subtle anatomical bumps and curves of shoulder area in the figure's silhouette (on the right side, coming down from the shoulder) but I dont see any of that anatomy reflected inside the form, so to me it looks traced. Same with the "point" of the rib under the breast. Either simplify it all the way through or define it all the way through.

    That's just my observation that you specifically requested not to hear.

    Awesome design! And I say keep up with Sketchy Sunday. Some motivation is better than none!

  3. nice tron stuff man. i like the progress youve been making. agree with jj

  4. I'm so confused you just defecated on my drawing and then said awesome design. That doesn't make any sense to me. As far as the "point" is concerned, that's how her suit works, that rib area pokes out, I was just trying to stay on model with the suits design. I got lost in the design of the suit, which is probably why the anatomy isn't reflected to well outside of her arm.

    So you know I'm all for critiques JJ, my inbox more than welcomes them at any time, but if you want to critique something feel free to go there with your suggestions and we can further discuss on how making things better. Plus my phone notifies me when someone sends something to my inbox, thanks Apple! In any case thanks for clearly disrespecting my request, I appreciate the help but I wasn't asking for it.

    I don't see how this is progress Zach if you agree with JJ. You just agreed to it looking like shit.

  5. whoa gettin kinda heated in here. i meant no disrespect man. sorry it came out that way.

  6. and i guess you are right about sketchy sunday. i was just being ridiculous.

  7. Sorry man, I thought it'd be more helpful to point out what caught my eye before you went and took it to a finish, in case you agreed or cared about any of the critique.

    But as for your confusion, design and style arent the same.

    I think it is a cool design detail-wise. I like the idea of the stripes and circles, I like the way the two halves of the coat overlap, I like her hair style.

    But I was speaking stylistically; go either graphic or form cause I dont think it's working in the middle.

    And again, I thought that in case you agreed or felt compelled to act on my critique that it'd be more helpful to have while it's a WIP and not once you've taken it to a finish.

    I know that's how I feel about my own work; I'd rather get that sort of critique before I finish it, ESPECIALLY if the critic saw the piece as a WIP. That makes me say "Wow, thanks bud, you didnt want to point that out earlier before I spent a few hours shading and coloring this guy?"

    And my last thought, next time I'll email you, but then there cant be any debate. If Kiki reads what I'm saying and says "Fuck Conway, he's dumb, here's why" that'd probably be more useful for you. We all have different artist tastes, techniques, and styles, and god knows mine arent always right.

    That's where I was coming from. I apologize and I'll email you next time.

  8. I like JJs critiques. Sometimes they rub me the wrong way, but then I have that moment of, 'wait a minute, why does this rub me the wrong way? Is it because it's a critique for the sake of a critique, or is because I'm uncomfortable acknowledging a legitimate weakness in my work?'

    Sometimes its one or the other or both. JJ gave me great notes for amping up the drama in a music video I was working on a while back (that never got finished unfortunately) and I was thankful that he took the time to do that. That said, he does sometimes give critiques (like this one) where the critique is on a matter of taste and/or a minor detail that doesn't really improve the quality of the art (in my opinion).

    But enough about JJ's critiques! Matt I really like this style and the character of this lady. I think the cleanliness of design works really well.
    My only critique would be that the detail lines are light enough that they kind of get lost in the within the silhouette of the form (especially when the image is viewed small). When I viewed the image large I was like 'ahah! This design is nice.' If it were up to me, I'd play around with some simple graphic lighting and vary up the line-weight to increase the contrast and depth of the character... knowing you, that may be what you're up to right now...

    Hope to see the finished pic posted up here soon! Sketchy Sunday forever!

  9. GAH!! I never say anyone's comments are dumb! I think we should all just eat some ice cream.

  10. anyway matt, i posted that other stuff when i first woke up this morning, so now that i have had a little time to think in a fully awakened state, let me elaborate.

    i have always been a big fan of your work and when i said i like the progress i meant overall. this drawing is cool too, and i didnt mean to "defecate" on it. i just saw what jj was saying with either going fully graphic or full anatomy. didnt matter either way though, since you said you didnt want critiques and i am no good at doing them anyway. so for that i apologize. but seriously, i have been impressed by the progress you have been making.

  11. Dude it's cool, it was very helpful JJ. I'm not opposed to critiques like I said I'm for them, I welcome them, I ask for them on DA mostly, yet I never get any feedback. I always make the adjustments when any of you guys make suggestions or point out something because you guys consistently give great advice. I have come to JJ along with my other friends for advice on revisions numerous time either in person or via facebook. So I much rather have the discussion between us so that we can exchange notes and not on an open forum where we are 10 plus comments deep like we are now, and that's why I said hold off on them. Some of the suggestions made were problems I saw and thought needed to be fixed, so once again thanks.

    Zach I think you're great at making suggestions by the way.

    I agree with you JJ I much rather have suggestion now, I honestly appreciate the suggestion you made along with Brian's suggestion. My whole thing is I much rather have them on another forum of communication where we can exchange notes.

    You guys are awesome and I always appreciate the help.