Sunday, December 19, 2010

Immunity, an iPhone game!

Hey everybody, Keith Henry here. My brother, a friend and I just got finished making an iPhone game! I did pretty much all the visual art except a few buttons. We submitted it to Apple today. It will have to go through the usual approval process before it will be available for sale. It'll cost $1.99.

Immunity is a game about the body's immune systems inside your small intestines. It's bright happy-ish graphics, so there's nothing particularly gross, even though it's in the intestines.

We have a demo up on our website so feel free to check it out! Lonely Dodo site

To play it you will need to install something called "Unity Web Player." It should provide you with a link to download the player if you try to play the demo.

The Demo includes the first 10 levels and for now it includes the survival mode which has several game play elements in it that are explained in the full story mode.


  1. I played your game. It's a lot of fun! It gets hard!

    Wait... no, not like THAT!

    I think the only issue I had was that some of the automatically timed screens went by a little too fast for me to read. But I read like a 2nd grader; big words are hard. So take it with a grain of salt.

  2. that's pretty awesome man, congratulations! nice to see you here too, you should post more often, even if it is just sketches and shit.

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  4. Yeah I'd agree with that JJ. It's those darn programmers that think everyone can read fast like they can! (My previous post had a typo)

  5. Good work Keith, let's see some more Keith Henry drawings in the future.

  6. GJ. Post more stuffs, Keith.


    "It's a lot of fun! It gets hard!"

    I think we may have found the tagline.

  7. i miss you keith henrary.

    This looks awesome. I dont have time to play right now, but I'll find time soon enough and let you know what i think when i do.