Monday, December 27, 2010

Honorary Member Clause

I asked Matt if I could start posting here. One part to keep in contact with everybody and also to keep my skills sharp.

I present you with the "Migornic"! So named because I slipped on saying organic while thinking of "mechanic". Critique however you please.

I will do a more colored, rendered and cleaned version next time, as it lacks dimensionality in my opinion.


  1. hey man, good to have you here. this thing is sickkkk. it definitely deserves 4 ks. anyway, cool stuff, though i do agree, it is a bit flat. pump up the volume a bit and this guy will really look crazy.

  2. Thanks! And I will do so. And what is a "k"?

  3. Hey, I'm going to post a draw-over to illustrate what I think your biggest issue is in terms of dimensionality.