Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Mountains

I shot some stuff over the thanksgiving weekend for an upcoming music video.
The bulk of the story will be told with animated heiroglyphic-like blood paintings, moving across the surface of snowy boulders and trees and the ground. Here's an example of a blood on snow texture that will be mapped to the animation and then layered over a background plate (boulder with branches in front of it)...

The rest will just be pretty scenery and me wandering around with a vague sense of purpose.

Keep up the great posting!


  1. Blood painting animation, I like where you are going with this.

  2. snowwww. good choice my friend. this one is gonna be coool. ha

  3. This looks pretty awesome. Yay for snow! :D

    Where did you get the blood reference picture? And where were you shooting?

  4. Dude. I'm so fucking excited for this!

  5. i took the blood pictures and i wander around in the western sierra nevada mountains near shaver lake.

    glad you guys are excited - i'll hopefully have this done before winter is over... We'll see...